Our Services

Dog Day Care

Pawesome Academy offers Dog Day-care 5 days per week


There are several adventure zones available to the dogs whilst in care, this ensures that their minds are always occupied, and they are fulfilled with the spirit of adventure as they have ancestrally been prescribed in their DNA.


We have set times between the hours of 1-2pm where the dogs are encouraged to have quiet time.

Doggo Luxe-Concierge Services

                                  Pamper Pamper Pamper and spoil...


 We have many concierge services available which are add ons to your fur baby day at Pawesome Academy Doggy Day Care such as;-


Pawesome Excursion to a beautiful Beach or safe  Park with our staff and only minimal numbers to ensure fun and safety.


Play & Stay, if you want your fur baby to come and have hours of fun at Pawesome Academy then head home with our qualified staff to look after  them overnight and bring them back for another exciting and mentally stimulating day at Pawesome Academy.


Play & Pamper,  tidy ups available whilst in doggy day care to sharpen up your  furbaby's looks.


Play & learn, Pawesome Academy highly trained staff undertake in house training for your fur baby whilst they are at doggy day care


Pawesome Luxe Grooming & Wellness Services

Wellness Services offered daily by Pawesome Academy, either whilst in doggy day care or as a visitor to Pawesome Academy include: Low level laser therapy for musculoskeletal injury  or for other forms of pain management.  Massage and Hydro bath services, please let us know if you want these services for your fur baby or call to book.

In house Grooming Services also available through Pawesome Luxe ask to book in or check online.


Doggo Training

Pawesome Academy's unique curriculum will have your furbaby being the dux of the class. From the youngest to the oldest our academy will ensure your furbaby and you are a united companionship.